Trailer Blue Book Values (2023)

Trailer Blue Book Values (1)

Trailer Blue Book Values (2)

Horse Trailer


2006 Vintage Outlaw


2005 Featherlite 1610

Value of a 2005 1610 Feather Light enclosed utility trailer

2004 Haulmark RVT85X27DT2

I need to know the value

2008 Clayton Blazer

How much does my home value at

2006 Haulmark Tandem Axle

What is the value of my cargo trailer

2010 Carry On 6x12


2011 Lark VT714TA

Used value

1999 Great Dane 7411TP-SAX

What is the value of the trailer

2015 Freedom 8.5X26

How much is a 2015 Freedom 8.5x26 trailer worth

2002 Schultz TL


2015 Alcom 7X114TAV


1994 Logan Carrier

Hi,I am looking for the value of a 1994 Logan 3 horse slant bumper pull trailer. Good condition.

2010 Doolittle 8x16 Box


1997 Pace American H716TA2

Have a 1997 Pace Cargo trailer that I inherited. Decent shape, new wheels and tires. Model number H716TA2. What’s it worth?

2002 Wells Cargo 6 x 12

Just looking for price on used 2002 6 by 12 Wells Cargo enclosed trailer in good condition

2002 Wells Cargo 6x10


1986 Thor Cargo

I have an abandon trailer. Would like info on values

2002 Featherlite 4941-8628

What is the trailers value

2004 Haulmark Edge

What is the value of a 2004 Haulmark Edge Toy Hauler trailer

2005 Pace American Shadow

Used trailer price

2008 C&B Flatbed

How much is my trailer worth

2004 Wells Cargo Enclosed


2009 Royal Cargo RST6X105A

How much is it worth

2011 Stealth SLT58SA

Value of this trailer

2015 Lawrimore 5x10

What is this worth

2017 Interstate LoadRunner

Whats the value

1987 Interstate Cargo

What is the value

2016 Big Tex 70SR


1995 Fleetwood Weston

What is value of 1995 Weston Fleetwood single wide

2001 Pace American Cargo


2019 Kearney GTH

What is the value of my trailer

2005 Forest River 23BLHE


1993 PJ 2AX2

What is the value of this utility trailer

1981 Schult Mobile Home

What is my 1981 Schultz Manchester mobile home worth

2019 Forest River ULAFTX8520T A3


2014 Snapper 6x12 Enclosed


(Video) All About NADA Blue Book Values for Used RVs

2017 Continental 24ft V Nose

Trailer value

2006 Cargo Mate 7 x 14


2014 Wells cargo RF7X162


1999 Tritan Prestige

What’s a 1999 tritan prestige 22 foot snowmobile trailer worth

2012 Keystone 298 RE


2016 Universal 6 × 10

How much is it worth

2008 Load Trail Car


2003 LAO 12 ft Tandem axle

What is the value for this trailer

1998 Clayton 28603

Value of mobile home

2021 Pace American Journey SE

What is its value

2003 Southwest Deluxe

What is it worth

2018 Charmac Cargo

Value tandem, 14ft

2010 Cargo Craft Enclosed


2014 Triton Elite

What’s it worth

2021 EZ Hauler

Book value of an EZ Hauler cargo trailer that is 7x16

1997 Pace American CS620TA3

How much is my cargo trailer worth

1997 Wilson

How much is my trailer worth

2014 Husky Trailer


2017 Haulmark Low Hauler

What is a 2017 low hauler worth? 7x16 in excellent condition.

2021 Charmac 8.5 x 24 Car Hauler

Value used, towed 3000 miles

2006 Haulmark TS7X14DT2

What is the value

2000 Pace American Cargo

How much is it worth

2006 Pace American Journey


2006 Pace American Journey


2019 Lark United

How much does this trailer book for?

2006 Featherlite 4941

What is 36’ featherlite gooseneck worth

2014 Worthington 5x8

How much is this trailer worth in fair condition

2007 Keystone Sprinter


2019 Forest River Heritage Glen LTZ


2014 Dutchmen Aspen

How much should I pay. Trailer is 40ft.

1993 Fleetwood Terry


1995 Fleetwood GR


2000 Haulmark Cub 5

What is the retail value of this trailer

2015 United UXT

Current value for insurance purposes

2016 Haulmark Transport

Current value - 8.4ft x 12

2016 Doolittle Bullitt

Trailer Value

2002 Hurst Landscape

The value of trailer

2019 Mirage Xtreme Sport 8.5 x 28

What is the value of this trailer

2008 Wells Cargo RF5101VF

What is the value of this trailer

(Video) Blue Book + $2k | 3 Easy Steps

2014 Kaufman Mini 5

What is the book value on a 2014 Kaufman mini 5 trailer

2020 Carry On Tandem Utility

What is the value of this vehicle

2005 Haulmark Haui

What is the trailer worth

2013 Big Tex 79PI

What is the current value of 2013 Model 70PI 16XBKVIN 16VPX1626D2E57082?

2012 Elite 25GN Dovetail

What is its value for insurance purposes

2003 Featherlite 28ft V Nose

How much is it worth

1999 Pace American 24 ft

How much does it cost

2006 Little Guy Travel Mate

I have a 2006 Little Guy Travel Mate trailer that I would like to sell, excellent condition, garaged, rarely used, and new tires. I would like to find a value on it so I will know how much to ask for it.

2005 Haulmark Utility

How much is this kind of trailer worth

2014 Lark VT6X12SA-3500

What is this trailer worth

2016 Triton AUT6410

Trade in price

2020 Cargo Mate Blazer

What is the trailer worth

1999 Featherlite 1610V

How much is it worth

2001 Big Tex MAXE


2005 PJ HT 20

What is the value of the listed equipment trailer

2015 Bendron 7 x 16 Enclosed Cargo

What is it worth?

2007 Bison Stratus

What is the value of a 2007 Bison Stratus?

2011 Bison Express

Blue book value on a 2011 Bison Express Trailer

2001 Haulmark 8x15

Kelly Blue Book value

2005 Western Rec Snowmobile

What is this trailer worth on resale

2012 Wells Cargo FW292-V

Book value for this trailer

2004 PJ Utility

Book value

2014 Aluma 63310H


2016 Brazos Pit Boss

Value of dump trailer

2004 Interstate Cargo

What is my trailer worth

2014 Tow Master T3D

Estimated Value

2013 Featherlite 3110

What is my 2013 Featherlite 3110 car trailer worth. 20ft long and may have 400 miles on it if that. Also has factory aluminum wheels.

2005 Haulmark Enclosed

I have a 2005 Haulmark Trailer Vin #16HPB122X5U044365. Can you tell me the value?

2013 Featherlite 8533

Used value

2010 PJ Flatbed

How do I know what my flatbed/car trailer is worth?

2012 Big Tex 16 x 7


2004 CM 20 footer

What is the trade in value?

2015 Haulmark RVT85X24DT2

What’s it worth

1998 Titan Stock Trailer


2011 Lark Enclosed Trailer

Value of a 2011 Lark enclosed trailer new

2004 Pace American JT612SA


2005 Haulmark TS6X10DS2

What would a Model TS6X10DS2 have sold for originally and what is it worth today in good condition?

2015 Haulmark Passport

Whats my cargo trailer worth

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2006 Haulmark TSC85X22WT2

Want to now the value

1997 Valley 2 Horse Gooseneck

What can I get on trade in for our trailer in good condition

2012 Aluma Bison

What’s the value of this trailer

1988 Circle J Mark


2002 Pace American 28 ft

Value of 2002 Pace 28 foot enclosed cargo trailer

2003 Wells Cargo Express

Value of 2003 Express 6x12 single axle trailer

2006 Continental Enclosed

Just trying to find a medium value for a 14 by mean 7 x 16 7000 pound duel axle enclosed trailer continental 2006 with side by side doors not jobsite door

2003 Haulmark GR85X16WT2

What is the value

2007 Load Max Gooseneck

Current value

1965 Bueno Single Horse


2001 Iron Eagle Voyager

What is the value of this used utility trailer

2008 Freedom GT

What is the value of 7x14?

2010 Pace American CS724TA3

What is the value

2109 Texas Pride EQ730616KGN 2 car

Need value of this trailer

2003 Haulmark Cargo

Sale value

2018 Intech BGA8542TTA5

What is the value of this trailer

2012 Sport Club SMA115

What is the value of this trailer

2005 Pace American RT8520TA2

Value used

2019 Big Tex 14 GN

What is it worth

2011 Haulmark Edge

28 foot. What is it worth

2020 Arising Enclosed

Value of 7×14 with 2 axles all 4 wheels with brakes plywood interior

1987 Wells Cargo Car Carrier

Approximate value

2018 Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser 17RWD

How much is this worth?Want to buy from original owner.

2017 Load Rite 22T5000TG1


2019 Summit Flatbed

What is the value

1995 Sundowner Showman

What is value on 2 horse gooseneck trailer

2019 Sure-Trac Landscape

What is a 2019 Sure Trac Landscape Trailer worth?

2010 Lark VT510SA

Seeking resale value estimate for a Lark 2010, VT510SA trailer, in good condition.

2012 Carr Enclosed

Value on used 2012 enclosed Carr trailer, that has some damage such as dents

2014 Stealth Glacier

How much is a 12ft trailer Stealth Glacier

2013 Triton AUT1282


2001 US Cargo Utility

Value of 9’x16’ US Cargo tandem axle 2001 utility trailer

2007 Exiss 4 Horse Sport

What is the blue book price for this aluminum gooseneck trailer

2000 Wells Cargo 7x14

Just bought, need value for registration.

2000 Cargo Express 25 ft

Value of 2000 25 foot cargo enclosed trailer.

2014 Wells Cargo FT585282

Looking to sell, need a price/value

1987 Lufkin Van


2007 Pace American JT716TA2



2005 Cargo Mate Trail Blazer

Estimated trailer worth

2009 Platinum 4HLQ

What is the new MSRP for the 2009 Platinum 4HLQ

2021 Anvil AT7X16TA2

What is the value of this trailer

2005 Wells Cargo SW10


2001 Gravely Flatbed Utility Trailer

Value of a Gravely Flatbed Utility Trailer. Year is 2001.

2020 Wells Cargo WVHD8520T2

Used value

2007 Cargo Mate Blazer

What is the price

2020 Doolittle Heavy Duty Pro

How much is a 2020 Heavy Duty Pro 14 foot Doolittle trailer, with only 200 miles on it - only used for storage for the summer - worth?

2005 Haulmark Thrifty Car Hauler

What is this trailer worth?

2014 PJ CC202

PJ trailer is in great shape, hardly used. Been stored for the majority. Just trying to get a value on it.

2003 Kiefer Stock

What is the value of this trailer new?

2003 CM 5x8

How much is a 5x8 enclosed trailer worth

2017 Quality Cargo 6x12

Hardly used 6x12 cargo trailer V front ramp dual axle, need ballpark value.

2011 Haulmark TY

Looking for the value of this trailer

1995 Pace American TL

Whats my old trailer worth

2017 Cargo Mate Blazer

Looking for value on 2017 Cargo Mate Blazer 8.5X26 cargo trailer

1993 Triton 168

What is a fair selling price

1991 Well Cargo TR

How much is it worth

2008 Thor Freedom Spirit

What is the value

2018 Bravo Scout

What is the current value with some front end damage

2010 Forest River Cargo Mate

How much is it worth

2010 Carry On 5 x 8

What is the cash value

1997 Pace American Shadow

How much is my 30 ft. enclosed car trailer worth

2008 Trails West Hot Shot 20

I would like the value of a 20" hot shot trailer by Trails west. This trailer is in fair condition. This is a straight stock trailer.

2006 Haulmark Covered Utility

What is its value for selling

2005 Pace American 610

What is the value if I sell

1995 CM LS

Private sale value

2001 Southwest Trailer

I have the above trailer that is part of an estate and would like a value on it for the estate paperwork. The condition of the trailer is poor. Leaks in roof, electrical not working, excessive rust all around the bottom. Tires are dry rotted. Needs inspected.

2004 Redman Homes

What would be the value of this model in need of TLC?

2003 Wells Cargo MC 1227

What is a 2003 Wells Cargo MC 1227 worth

2010 Haulmark Transport

What is the value of a 5x8 V-nose Haulmark trailer?

2011 Mirage MXP0714TA2

What is the value of this trailer


I am looking for an estimated price on a 2016 HMDE Racecar hauler it is partially enclosed and 24 foot

2015 Triton XT11-101-SQ

Value of trailer?

2014 Diamond 8.5x16 TA-3500

Where do I find Cargo Trailer values?

2002 Horton 40ft


2003 Pace JT612TA2

used value

2020 Iron Bull DTB 83X14

Trying to determine value

2020 Interstate 1 All-Sport

Value of 2020 27 foot All-Sport Enclosed Trailer

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